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Superlite 15×8

AUD $240.00 +GST

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Product Description

The Trans Am Race Engineering Superlite wheel is a well-known one. Throughout Australia and even to the furthest reaches of Russia, USA, Chile and New Zealand the Superlite has been known to bring the best to the game and that is exactly what it does. With many sizes available, we give you many options from vintage racing with those big fat tyres to pro touring and low profile 17” and even accommodate the smaller car market with our 14” and 13”. Our 15” range is our most renowned wheel, fitting just about all cars from stock mustang and Camaros, to cortinas, escorts, MG, and even some Nissan Silvias. We do the whole range. Whether it be the front of your mustang with 4” backspacing or if you want to put them on your Silvia with 125mm backspacing. We stock these in basic Chevrolet 4”, 4.5”,5” and Ford 4”,4.5”,5”and also blanks to machine anything you want. These are available in any 4-5 stud patterns within our range. The backspacing/offset is also variable due to the back mounting face being able to machine with our blanks. We are also able to machine dual stud pattern 4x4” and 4x4.5”.   Free shipping inside America. California tax is applicable if you are located in California.

Additional Information

Wheel Dim.


Wheel PCD

4 – 5 x 98mm – 130mm

Backspacing (mm)

100, 112, 130

Centre Bore (mm)

63 – 73

Load Rating (kg)


Weight (kg)


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